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A Merry Christmas Message

Whether you're old or young; you wear glasses or lenses; you cut your hair bald or spiky; wear studs or bangles; count up to 10 or down from ten; speak many or a few languages; knit your own scarf or buy one to be treasured; you win or lose the cracker-pulling contest; you eat your sprouts or make noises of disgust; you teeth-tear or cut the sellotape; you wear the paper crown or the dog does - we wish you a very Merry Christmas regardless!

You are all fantastic people in some shape or form, no matter what choices you make, what you like and dislike - Christmas should be a time to bring together family and friends to celebrate the positives collectively!

Have a safe Christmas, and a wonderful time spent - give with kindness, receive with grace - be your own person, and even treat yourself to an extra bit of that stuffing!

From The LGBT+ Partnership in Cheltenham and across Gloucestershire x

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