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Featured Partner: GDASS - April 2020

Our featured partner for April is GDASS - Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service.

A fantastic organisation to have joined the Partnership in recent months, GDASS offers a number of methods to help individuals through circumstances of domestic abuse. A deeply concerning problem across the UK, but it often gets left unspoken of.

GDASS is a county-wide service designed to reduce the level of abuse, as well as improving the safety of victims and their family. They can provide many support programmes to anyone over 16-years-old experiencing domestic abuse.

Why they are our Featured Partner?

Due to the way in which COVID-19 has impacted all of us, many are staying within the comforts of their own home. Sadly, not all can refer to this as a 'comfort' in their life owing to the rise in domestic abuse during this time.

At a time that's stressful, this makes conditions very risky for victims of abuse.

Advice on helping people who may be victims of domestic abuse

We are all advised to look out more for each other, particularly those that are vulnerable. GDASS asks that we can be mindful of those in homes that have a historic issue with domestic abuse.

Family and friends of those should be in regular contact by a quick call or text, and perhaps work out a code-word for them to use if they are in need of help. Likewise, for neighbours that feel someone may be at risk or have been harmed, then call 999.

Nobody should ever confront the perpetrator or talk to the victim in front of the perpetrator. In the case of an emergency, they should call 999.

Whilst this is a growing problem during this period of lock-down, we should still look out and support those that we feel may be vulnerable to abuse.

Whether you are a victim or know someone that could be, then please take the time to read the information at www.gdass.org.uk and contact them if you need further advice.

We at the Partnership would like to take this opportunity to wish that you are all safe and well, and please do keep in touch with us if you ever need support or advice, or even just a chat, particularly at this time.

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