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July's Featured Partner: Gay Glos

For young people, exploring identity is a key part of growing up, but is also something that can become quite sensitive and personal over a long period of time.

Originally formed in 1989 as Gloucestershire Friend, Gay Glos provides youth and parent support within the county through a range of methods. As we approach 6 weeks of summer holidays having just started to come out of a lockdown, young people may have felt isolated or living in an environment where they aren't so comfortable for the past 100+ days.

Gay Glos is there to help and guide both young people and parents through such challenging times. This includes:

  • A youth group for 14 - 18 year-olds to meet in an LGBT+ safe space - email youth@gay-glos.org.uk

  • A parents group for LGBT+ who meet monthly in a central Gloucester location - email parents@gay-glos.org

  • Connections to emergency support such as Gloucestershire Nightstop

  • Courses and programmes in schools and colleges

  • Engagement with many groups and boards to help improve circumstances for all those that identify as LGBT+, such as Gloucestershire Hate Crime, Sexual Health Strategic Group and VCS Alliance

As many have had to adapt to COVID-19, Gay Glos is limiting its engagement to online and phone communication only for the time being, but are still able to be contacted through the website below.

All in all, Gay Glos is committed to helping young people through some of the hardest points in their life as well as educating and engaging with others on the matters that affect young people and the LGBT+ community.

Gay Glos have supported the Partnership since it launched and we are grateful for the efforts they make to help improve lives and circumstances for the LGBT+ community.

You can find out more about by visiting www.gay-glos.org (plus there's a new website coming soon!) *This article is subject to future updates - some links and information may be altered as a result.

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