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Friday Thought: 03rd April

Each Friday, we will do our best to bring you something to think about in relation to what's happening in the world. It could be to do with the news, it could be something inspirational to kickstart the weekend or something even to look forward to.

Please contact us with anything you feel may be worthy of a Friday Thought and we will look into adding it in!

Here's the Friday Thought for 3rd April...

As all the strange and scary circumstances keep on changing,

We must be wonder what the world could stage for us next,

We've fought many battles before, and we will in the future,

But none quite in the same way as what we have right now.

But let's not remember this time as the doom and gloom,

Or that's 21st Century Edition of the Dark Ages - it's far from that!

Let's keep showing our respect and admiration of NHS staff,

Cheering and clapping them on every Thursday at 8pm.

Let's keep talking and socialising using all this technology we have,

And going for that once-a-day exercise, saying hello to those rare passers-by!

Fix all the things around the house, plan ahead for what the future could bring,

Learn your way around the PC complexities that have always frustrated you!

Try not to go crazy and keep your sanity in-check from time to time,

Even if that does mean a couple of glasses of wine!

Know that many people are still around for a chat,

And we're here too if you need just that!

And sooner or later, Coronavirus will pass us by,

And new opportunities and challenges will come and give us a try!


As mentioned, if you have any little sparks of creativity, in whatever form, we'd love to hear from you!

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