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Friday Thought: 10th April

Our Friday Thought is back!

We hope to bring you something thought-provoking, inspiring or uplifting to finish the week on. Today's is a Good Egg!

Good Egg

Probably a phrase used by your parents, carers, quirky boss, guardian,

Hopefully when you've been, well, a 'good egg'!

Or something those do when they spend their morning dropping actual eggs into a bowl of water,

Trying to determine... something!

As Easter is not far off, and we're probably all *scrambling* for the final Easter Eggs, Or not prepared in the slightest!

The eggs have had their special place on the shelf since just beyond Christmas to get us prepped,

But you probably didn't even know which date it would be on, so why rush?!

Some of us may still be adjusting to the clocks going forwa-, no bac- no forward!

Some of us may have even forgot to do even that!

So sure you've got 4 days of freedom, but also needing to stay safe at home for once!

So don't worry if you haven't got your eggs in the basket quite yet!

Because you're already a good egg regardless!

If you have any 'Friday Thoughts' you wish to share, then please do message us with them - no matter how short or long, we'd love to hear from you!

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