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Friday Thought: 24th April

On Friday's, we aim bring you something motivational, inspiring or thought-provoking to lead you into the weekend.

If you have any that you'd like us to share, please contact us with them.

Where Does the Rainbow Begin?

Possibly one of the biggest questions in our lifetime, and yet no through and through answer.

Okay - maybe science aside!

Some may think it's where you'll find gold, some say it's starts at a point most cold.

Some say it starts in the sea, some say it's supposed to be a mystery.

Some say it only ever ends, no matter where it seems to begin.

Some wouldn't know where to start, and describe something that in theory falls apart.

Some see the rainbow in double, some see it as one great colourful bubble.

Some see it with their back to the sun, some see it as the sky's second beacon.

Some see it as bringing them luck, some see it and scream out 'look!'

Some see the colours all too bleak, some see each and every colour as unique.

However we see it, we show it in support, create our own versions with a great deal of thought.

We recognise the difference it brings to a day, something that sticks in our minds, it may.

We're proud of it's meaning, and that's never going away!

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