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IDAHOBIT 2020: Breaking the silence across the world

Everyday members of the LGBT+ community will experience some form of hate, abuse or harassment for appearing different to others in the world.

Alongside many organisations both close and further away, we also work everyday to try and make the world a more welcoming and accepting place. One particular day we all anticipate is IDAHOBIT - International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

Given that 2020 seems to have a very different atmosphere than other years we've celebrated on May 17, many events around the globe have also had to adapt to the impacts of COVID-19. This has seen a number of events launched online or digitally. Here's some of the highlights of 2020's IDAHOBIT celebrations across the world.


Whilst rainbows, placards and banners colour the streets of Bangkok most years, with a range of talk and music events, Thailand was not alone in needing to scale-down on public gatherings and take their activity into a more virtual setting.

On the 16th May, the Foundation of Transgender Alliance for Human Rights hosted a live talk on the subject of 'Breaking the Silence: Silence Is Not the Answer", including a range of transgender influences and LGBTI activists. This was hosted on Facebook live for 2 hours and at the time of writing held 1.3k views.

Further to this, on May 17th itself, the Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand welcomed the country to be part of "IDAHOT Online 2020", also hosted via Facebook Live. This involved a talk show with the background for IDAHOT and its relevance around the world today in encouraging social acceptance of the LGBT+ community.


After the success of their largest numbers at the Tirana Pride Parade in 2019, Albania has been a front-runner in online campaigns this year too!

This has involved a whole weeks worth of activity that the LGBTI can engage with from home, as well as to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Pride in Albania.

As there's just so much activity going on, here's some of the highlights.

Life in #Queerantine - videos featuring the stories of LGBTI experiencing quarantine during COVID-19, particularly as social distancing can be perceived as not entirely new based on previous treatment towards the LGBT+ community. It's hoped this will create a discussion for LGBTI Oral History campaign generated around the world.

#QueerGotTalent - an online talent show series presenting various performances from the LGBTI community - votes were be based on the social media likes once shared, resulting in a win for @sali_hair_makeup.

Tirana Gay Pride - the Capital's annual celebration was held on 15th May via. Zoom, with approximately 500 anticipated to join. The video was later shared on social media networks.

All details and previews of this activity can be found on Aleanca LGBT Facebook Page.

Digital Pride Hackathon

Focusing on a very particular group within the LGBT+ community, but also open for many to be part of it, Unicorns In Tech set up the Digital Pride Hackathon.

It's not the first or only Digital Pride announced - San Francisco, Dublin, Oslo and even as local as Pride in Gloucestershire have taken their celebrations virtually in some form.

Digital Pride Hackathon took place from 15th - 17th May to allow teams to work in creating an supportive LGBT+ network wherever their based, that can be accessed and used remotely. This was particularly in response to COVID-19 and the fact that many in the LGBT+ community were isolating in uncomfortable or unsupportive environments. This allows them a chance to engage with their community in a digital way and ensures they recognise support is still out there regardless.

This worked as a three-day challenge and winners announced on May 17th - more details can be found here.

Wherever you are in the world, if you celebrated IDAHOBIT in a certain way, no matter how big or small, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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