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May's Featured Partner: The Cheltenham Trust

You may be familiar with the Town Hall, Wilson Art Gallery and Pittville Pump Rooms and what they offer the residents of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and even further, but what you may not know of is that these attractions are all taken care of by the Cheltenham Trust.

Throughout the lifespan of the LGBT+ Partnership, we've had several opportunities where the Cheltenham Trust has been involved, and we'd love for this to continue in the future once these unfamiliar times have passed us by!

Here's a look back on some of the memories involving The Cheltenham Trust and why we love their engagement with the LGBT+ community.

Hidden Agendas

Back in February 2016, members of the LGBT+ Partnership took part in a 2-day workshop run by The Wilson's Artist in Residence, Liam Hart. This gave us the opportunity to express our thoughts and experiences through art and creative spirit. The final pieces produced by the group were then displayed in the gallery at a later date as part of the Crafts Council Collection exhibition.


As part of the IDAHOT 2016 celebrations, a collaborative event between Cheltenham Borough Council and Cheltenham Trust saw The Wilson host the networking lunch during the May event which led to plenty of onward discussions about future opportunities with The Cheltenham Trust and how they can continue to engage the LGBT+ community.

Identity - #LGBTAware, 2017

You may get the sense we like The Wilson Art Gallery a lot when we spent another weekend there for LGBT History Month 2017. This was an event run between The Cheltenham Trust, LGBT+ Society and LGBT+ Partnership to encourage further discussion and key awareness around being LGBT in the community. It welcomed all members of the community to a free event, with a range of stalls, networking space, workshops and RAINBOW CAKE!

The Gnomies, 2017

So this is strictly an LGBT+ event or celebration, but the annual University of Gloucestershire Students' Union Awards Ceremony. This particular year helped bring together many faces from the Partnership at Cheltenham Town Hall for a fantastic evening! It's a great venue any day of the week and we hope to enjoy some more times there with the Cheltenham Trust in future!

(Don't we look fancy?!)

Picnic in the Park, 2019

Pittville Pump Rooms presents an awesome feature you can wish for in a park! Whilst Picnic in the Park may have been hosted by Pride in Gloucestershire and Cheltenham Borough Council, we were excited to be able to see the rainbow flag flying from the top of the Pump Rooms and spend an excellent day right in front of them too! The venue itself lends the opportunity to learn of a rich history of the iconic spa building, as well as for hire and events on a normal basis.

So, why did we choose now to make The Cheltenham Trust our Featured Partner?

Well we recognise them, like some of our other partners, in providing a safe and welcoming space for the LGBT+ community and we'd like to have that opportunity for the future too! We encourage you to show support in their future events and activities, and if you are able to support them with donations in the meantime, then you can find out how at their website.

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